Gardening: How to Start a Hydroponic Garden and Grow Organic Plants

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Hydroponic gardening has made huge progress in recent years; it is now much more profitable than traditional gardening, and we have so much in-depth knowledge about how to grow plants hydroponically and so many different techniques that if you have decided to set up and run a hydroponic garden, whether you just want to have organic and fresh grocery on your table, or you want to make it into a profitable business, you will need some guidance.

This is what this book is for. This book contains everything you need to know to run a hydroponic garden successfully, whether what you have in mind is a miniature garden in the corner of your kitchen or a large one to sell your produce to retailers. This book will teach you all you need to know, from which type of hydroponic gardening you should choose, to how to set it up, to the equipment you will need, the budget you will need, how to feed your plants, how to make sure that their growth is healthy, how to maximise your space and the timing of your crops and how to grow seedlings.

Everything in this book is explained in real depth, with specifications and up to date data as well as simply and clearly, because if it is true that hydroponics is a science and it is highly technological, it is also true that you do not meed a degree to run a perfectly successful and profitable hydroponic garden. This book is will teach you how to grow your plants fully organically.

Among some (by no means all!) of the things you will find in this book are:

  • How hydroponics compares to traditional gardening, including key differences in methodology and in the yields of your crops.
  • Different types of hydroponic techniques, their advantages and suitability for different crops and places, including static flow hydroponics, continuous flow hydroponics, ebb and flow hydroponics and aeroponics.
  • How to choose which is the best type of hydroponics for you.
  • Different ways of housing plants, from greenhouses to garages, and what is needed in each case.
  • How to understand and use the equipment you will need, including reservoirs, pumps, meters, lights, aerators etc. All given with detailed information and specifications, so you know exactly what you will need for your garden and how much it will cost.
  • How to feed your plants, with detailed information on how to mix micronutrients on the right doses for different crops and according to the water of your supply.
  • How to make sure that your plants are growing healthy, checking for symptoms of each nutrient deficiency, so you will know how grow a perfectly healthy crop.
  • An easy step by step guide that will take you from setting up your garden to harvesting and after.
  • How to grow and plant seedlings.

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